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Welcome to the latest newsletters from Balai Isabel.

A library of recent and past copies of The Club Balai Isabel Newsletters has been saved in pdf format which will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer.



View the Power Point slide show with some resort shots "Best of Balai Isabel July 2009".

Other interesting information and downloads relating to September 2008 Newsletter:

Philippine & Tourism
The following reports contain some information for you to download on the healthy state of the Philippine Tourism Industry and the Philippines generally:

   1. April 2008 Colliers Report

   2. Philippines Stats & Economics

   3. Philippines Tourism Information (2 of)
      a. Philippine Tourism Numbers Period 1 2008
      b. Philippine Tourism Report 1st Quarter 2008

   4. Tourism Investment in the Philippines - Government Incentives, 21-07-2008

   5. Travel Today (Australia) Article

   6. The 2008 Invest Priority Plan has Tourism as a key driver for the next 12 months regarding the Philippine sustainable growth strategy for the National economy and prosperity.(pdf document)

The entire Country is focused on Foreign Investment (see economic statistics and 2008 IPP as well as Tourism Incentives) as a key means to prosperity and it shows. There are always cultural differences in dealing in another country, however, with the Philippines these are minimal given predominant English speaking backgrounds and USA based legal and political systems.

Management Structure
For those not aware, the Resort will continue to run under the operations of Balai Isabel Resort Management. Condotel Management will work with the Balai Isabel Management team to ensure the correct reporting structures are set. Our Condotel Management representative is Mr Rob Righetti.

Condotel Management will remain your main point of contact and will:
   1. Distribute accommodation revenue to you in accordance with your License Agreement
   2. Generate Regular newsletters

Condotel Management has taken over from Prominent as investors main point of contact as the first 2 stages move focus to operations. This company is based in Australia and will be readily available if you wish to contact them. I will also be around. Please feel free to contact me if I can assist you at any time. This is our first project in the Philippines and we are determined to make sure it operates as smoothly as possible.

Balai Management Team
Balai Isabel Management has been appointed operator of Balai Isabel Resort. This is essentially the same team that has been operating the resort to date.

Condotel Management will guide and support the Operational team and have regular meetings and reports regarding Management plans, marketing and growth.This was a natural appointment and we look forward to working with the current team to ensure the best of this great resort.

Download the Marketing Plan All these initiatives of course benefit everyone and now Stages 1 & 2 are complete, the resort has the numbers to expand it’s previously limited base.

This joined with the close proximity to Manila and Tagaytay as a premier destination and given that nothing compares directly to the Resort, we are supremely confident the Balai Isabel team will deliver. It is Condotel Management’s job to assist and overview the Management Team to ensure our expertise is joined with the team's local knowledge and history of already operating the resort.

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